At Shorne Church of England Primary School we strive to provide a happy, caring, challenging and secure environment where every child will enjoy schoolwork and feel a sense of achievement. We value each child’s achievements and these are celebrated with the whole school. Good educational practice acknowledges the wholeness of the child; the sensitive nurturing of a spiritual and moral frame work for life is seen by us as an essential part of that unity. We aim to provide a curriculum which is broad and balanced and relevant to each child’s needs which is delivered through our Integrated Curriculum and follows the National Curriculum. We believe that a partnership between parents and school is vital in enabling each child to reach their potential.

Our values are at the core of all we do, they reflect our shared beliefs and our commitment to creating a harmonious, enabling and empowering school community. We seek to live our lives through these core values, securing a foundation for unity and lifelong learning. Our school motto is ‘Growing Together in Learning in Faith’

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